Detail Services

Individual Detail Services

Diamond Interior Detail

Diamond Exterior Detail

  Vacuum, Dry Clean Carpets, Clean Seats, Scotch Guard Carpets and Cloth, Recondition Vinyl and Leather, Vents, Instrument Cluster, Dash, Window, and Fragrance of your choice.

Starting at $105.00
  Hand Wash, Chamois, Wipe Door, Trunk, and Hood Jams, 3 Step Compound Buffing for Light Surface Scratch Removal, Remove Swirls, Polish, Hand Wax, Clean Wheels and Dress Tires, and Window Shine.

Starting at $105.00

Complete Detail Packages

Luxury's Quick Lane

Diamond Full Detail

  Interior:  Vacuum
  Exterior:  Hand Wash, Chamois, Wipe Door, Trunk, and Hood Jams, Spray Wax, Clean Wheels and Dress Tires, Window Shine, and Fragrance of your choice

Starting at $50.00
  Includes the Diamond Interior and  Diamond Exterior Detail Services.

Starting at $195.00

The Luxury's Lane Package

Includes Diamond Full Detail
Headlight Restoration

Starting at $270.00
Ask About Our Custom Detail Services.  By Appointment Only and Priced per Quote.
There are additional charges for Large Trucks, Vans, and SUV's for all Detail Services.  See Brochure for Details.
Additional Services
Detail Add-Ons

Headlight Restoration

Door Edge Guard Application

Cloudy, dingy, foggy, hazy, or yellow headlights reduce your headlight's distance by as much as 40%!  You don't have to buy brand new headlights to get that new polished clear look.  Luxury's Lane can clear them up today.
Starting at $45.00
Door Edge Guards are used as an aide to prevent and protect your doors edges from chips and nicks which over time lead to rust.  Protect your edges today so you don't have chips tomorrow.

Starting at $25.00

Engine Degrease

Heavy Oxidation Removal

Have a greasy, grimmy engine.  Have it degreased today and give it that like new luster.

Starting at $25.00
Estimate Required
Does your paint have that dull, dis-colored look?  You don't need a paint job, have the oxydation removed and get back that showroom finish.

Starting at $40.00
Estimate Required

Dog Hair Removal

Clay Bar Decontamination

Pet owners struggle with short hair, long hair, cat hair, dog hair, it doesn't matter, pet hair finds a way.  Have it removed at Luxury's Lane.

Starting at $25.00
Estimate Required
Clay compound detailing removes above service contaminants and restores a smooth surface to your paint.  Removes overspray, fallout, environmental contaminants and more.  Followed by a hand wax (purchased with detail service) give your paint that "smooth as glass" feeling.

Starting at $40.00
Estimate Required

Paint Sealer

Seal those pores in your auto's paint job and have healthier longer lasting paint.  This service will also give your wax longevity.

Starting at $40.00
Estimate Required


Windshield Repair

Paintless Dent Removal

We will repair those rock chips, pits and star breaks before they become large cracks.
The fasted, most affordabel and least intrusive process for dent repair.  We can remove your hail damage, dings, minor dents and creases without compromising the vehicles factory paint job.